It’s Still Cheating Even If You’re Not Married, and other ramblings from the past two weeks of B&B.

I feel like I start off every blog entry with the following statement, but I just can’t help myself anymore:

I hate Hope.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss the various things that pissed me off occurred during the last two weeks of Bold.

  1. Thomas loses the Fashion Challenge. Sure, Rick has more “experience”, but he’s practically a Logan, so that pisses me off by default.  Also, how is Thomas ever going to get said experience if he’s never given the opportunity?
  2. Hope goes into Liam and Steffy’s home, and (wait for it….) decides that NOPE, she’s going to move in, and THROW OUT all of Steffy’s clothes?? WHAT?? Does this make sense?? I was ready to throw something at the TV during this. I’m still curious as to how people like Hope. I’d really love for someone to explain it to me.
  3. Steffy finds out she’s pregnant! 
  4. So obviously, Steffy goes to tell Liam the news. Instead of celebrating this with Liam, what does she find? Oh, you know, Hope and Liam making out furiously on the bed (but they didn’t make love so that justifies everything, apparently). Liam doesn’t deserve my girl Steffy. She needs someone who will treat her right (preferably Bill, but that’s just my opinion).
  5. When Liam finds out the truth about Italy and confronts his father, Dollar Bill decides he’s gonna stab himself with Liam’s sword necklace to prove a point (?), but since Bill is a little shit, he actually just stabbed himself in the money pouch he was wearing underneath his jacket. Good job there Bill, that made me laugh if nothing else.
  6. Hope, being the freakshow that she is, tells Liam that since Steffy and him aren’t married or engaged, there’s absolutely no reason that she and him can’t spend the time that Steffy’s away together. UM, excuse you Hope, but just because someone isn’t married or engaged, it doesn’t mean it’s not cheating! They are living together! They’re practically married! And even if they weren’t, they’re still in a relationship, and that’s still cheating! YOU ARE JUSTIFYING CHEATING LIKE THAT??? I can’t talk about this anymore; I just get way too upset. I thought Hope had “morals” but I guess not.
  7. And then, Steffy decides it would be a fantastic idea for Liam to do just that - to “get it out of his system” with Hope while she’s away. Good job Steffy, you just potentially ruined everything for yourself. Congratulations. Here, have a Hero Biscuit. Don’t come crying to me when Liam breaks up with you, because you should have seen that coming.
  8. Brooke decides that Katie and Bill’s sex life is lacking so she practically forces them to have a “romantic night” in the cabin. We’ll just let that statement sink in so you can all think about how creepy that is. Why are you so invested in their sex life? It’s not YOUR sex life, so leave it be!

I haven’t watched this week yet, but I sincerely hope it’s an improvement over the last two weeks.

Best Moment: probably when Steffy found out she was pregnant. She was so excited, and I think she’s going to be a great mom! (Provided the writers actually let her carry the baby to term)

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