Steffy Forrester Tells It Like It Is, and other ramblings from today’s episode of B&B.

Steffy Forrester is amazing, and today’s episode just proves it.

While Hopeless is moping about her parents’ house (okay, okay, she’s not really moping in today’s episode but she’s not with Liam so that counts as moping to me) Steffy decides she’s going to march right over to Liam’s house and give him an ultimatum: she moves back in, or she moves on.

That’s RIGHT Steffy! She doesn’t need Liam! She does what she wants! Sort of. Maybe?

Nothing else of any interest happens. Marcus finds out that the police have arrested the actual person who hit Anythony, and Dayzee finds out that Anthony’s surgery went well. Ridge and Taylor discuss Steffy’s decision to take time off, and Hope gets advice from Rick.

Stupidest Moment: When Hopeless was on the screen. I mean…what?!

I Actually Agree With Brooke, and other ramblings from today’s episode of B&B.

You guys know how much I can’t stand the Logans, but Brooke said something that actually made sense today. I know, I know. You might want to sit down for this. 

Hope is being her usual pathetic self and complaining about how her life isn’t perfect, and Brooke mentions that marriage isn’t perfect, and mistakes happen. She thinks that Hope is overreacting and needs to talk this over with Liam instead of moping around. (I may have paraphrased the last bit.)

Meanwhile, Steffy is making the most out of the situation and convinces Liam to ditch work and go for a walk on the beach with her and they have another one of their cute little moments together.

Finally, the Marcus/Anthony storyline finally clears up when Thomas and Caroline present the new evidence to the judge. The charges are dropped, and everyone is so happy that they all start making out right in front of the judge in the courtroom (and by everyone, I just mean Marcus/Dayzee and Thomas/Caroline).

Stupidest Moment: Most of the episode was unnecessary, except for Marcus’ scenes.   

Hope Says She’s Not Stupid Although She Actually Is, and other ramblings from the past week’s episodes of B&B.

So much has happened this week on Bold!! 

  • Marcus comforts his heartbroken bride 
  • Steffy taunts Brooke 
  • Hope confronts Liam about his betrayal 
  • Liam tries and fails to make things right with Hope 
  • Hope rips up her wedding papers 
  • Hope moves in with Brooke for a cooling off period 
  • Hope offers Liam to Steffy 
  • Brooke suspects Steffy of ulterior motives 
  • Hope’s decision about her marriage worries Brooke 
  • Brooke tells Hope that she’s leaving too much wiggle room for Steffy 
  • Steffy makes her feelings clear
  • Thomas and Caroline make an interesting discovery about Marcus’ accident
So lets talk about a few things. We find out that Hope and Liam are not technically married in the US, and need to sign some papers to make it official. Hope is all riled up about Liam kissing Steffy on their wedding day, and decides it would be a great idea to rip up the wedding papers. Can you say “unstable”?

Speaking of Hope’s emotional and mental instability, she decides that she is going to go to Steffy and then practically give Steffy her wedding ring and Liam!! Hope is so idiotic at this point, that I can’t even write a good paragraph about this. Steffy - once again -acts like the bigger person and tells Hope to go home to her (almost) husband and make things right.    

What does Hope do? She decides to move out in Typical Hope fashion, which practically paves the way for Steffy to get back with Liam. Brooke mentions this to Hope, who then says “I’m not stupid!” Well, evidently you are Hope, because you’re not going to have an almost-husband to go back to once you eventually get your head on straight (hopefully after she pops a few pills). Steffy is going to make the most of the situation to get Liam away from Hopeless.

We also have Thomas and Caroline’s discovery about Marcus’ accident! Thomas and Caroline go to the car repair shop to pick Marcus’ car up, and learn that the damage was a flat tire and a busted rim (which apparently is not a lot of damage if you were to, say, hit a person). They’re both confused over this, and while driving somewhere, Thomas hits a pothole outside of Dayzee’s Cafe. He goes out to inspect the damage and, you guessed it: flat tire, and a busted rim. DING DING DING, we’ve hit the jackpot!

Because this is a soap opera and the characters aren’t very bight, Thomas doesn’t put two and two together for another few minutes. Once he figures out that Marcus might not have hit Anthony, he goes to Dayzee’s and looks at security camera footage from that night. Thomas and Caroline discover something, and rush to show it to the judge. But by the time they get there they learn that they are too late - Marcus has to stay in jail until his hearing.

Stupidest Moment: When Brooke was telling Steffy to stay away from Liam. Steffy does whatever she wants, and you’d think that Brooke would realize that by now.

Bold Finally Gives Me Something To Work With, and other ramblings from today’s episode of B&B.

The past few days of Bold have been so dull that it was not even worth it for me to post something on here. But today, we finally saw an improvement.

Thank god Macus told Dayzee about Anthony right away. I’m glad Dayzee didn’t get overly upset and dramatic about it too. I’ve had enough of characters acting out of character to last a lifetime. *cough Anthony cough*

Speaking of Anthony, what I really hope happens is that Dayzee can smack talk some sense into him so that he sees that he was overreacting and acting completely out of character. Then we can move on to a much more interesting storyline - namely the Forresters taking over the world. (What? I’m the only one who wants to see that?)

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the whole Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle. Liam and Steffy have another one of their cute moments at Forrester Creations while Hope is playing Dress Up with her mom’s old clothes. 

But while Hope is doing the whole dress up thing, she sees her mom’s laptop which is conveniently open. Hope see’s the wedding pictures folder and decides to see the pictures her mom has from Italy. She sees the thumbnail of Liam and Steffy and clicks on the video.

AND THEN THE EPISODE ENDS. You’re doing it right Bold!

Stupidest Moment: Honestly, I could care less about what goes on between Ridge and Brooke, especially when he’s all conflicted about the video and Brooke’s being her usual annoying self, etc, etc.

Why Can’t Stephanie Plan My Wedding? And other ramblings from the past three days of B&B.

I was thoroughly disappointed in Monday’s and Tuesday’s episodes.  Thank god yesterday’s made up for some of it.

Monday was just horrible. I don’t even know what to say about it aside from the fact that way too much time was spent on Dayzee and Marcus’ wedding. I don’t care that he was getting cold feet. I care about the Liam/Steffy Italy video storyline!

Tuesday was not that much better. Like I said, it makes no difference to me what dress Dayzee picks for her wedding. I don’t care about her wedding! Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. I do care, but I certainly don’t want to waste half the episode discussing it! 

But since they brought it up, let’s talk about the dress/wedding.

First of all, it’s SHORT. I don’t know about L.A. weddings, but where I live there are no such thing as short wedding dresses (or at least I haven’t seen any).  Second of all, Thomas designed it. There would be nothing wrong with that - I LOVE Thomas - but they keep throwing Thomas and Dayzee together and foreshadowing (in the most obvious way that only Bold can do) that something is going to happen between them.

I don’t want that. Dayzee and Marcus should be that one couple on Bold that stays together forever. I never even liked Thomas/Dayzee back when they were together. I liked Thomas with Hope (mostly because that meant Liam couldn’t have her and Steffy would be happy) and Thomas with Caroline (even though Caroline sort of bothers me). I don’t understand why the writers are doing this at all.

Now we can get to the good stuff (yesterday’s episode).

Wednesday’s episode finally focused on the video of Liam and Steffy in Italy for more than a total of five minutes.  Liam and Steffy talk about what he should do, and although they both wish that Hope didn’t have to find out, they realize that the truth would be better coming from Liam than Brooke.

Steffy leaves, and Ridge comes in and he talks to Liam about the whole situation.

We also see Hope preparing for her press conference for her new line titled “Hope’s Perfect Wedding”.  (I just need to say that I want to throw up every time they mention it.)  She talks about how wonderful being married is, and how it changes you, even though she’s been married for barely a week.  Then Steffy comes in.

She tells Hope that there’s something she needs to tell her, and that it can’t wait until after the press conference.  I’m a bit confused - wasn’t Liam going to be the one to tell Hope what happened? Needless to say, I can’t wait to watch today’s episode :)

Stupidest Moment: When Thomas was over-complimenting Dayzee. Dayzee is great, but Thomas should be focusing on his girlfriend!