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Steffy finds out she’s lost the baby.

I am getting bombarded with questions to quell rumors, and here, in my Forum I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts. I have been very successful outside of B&B and I have no doubt she will too - and moreso, because she is free and single to travel all over  the world.

For me, contract talks ended 4 weeks ago. I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and persuing my skin care line. My friends and B&B fans will be sorely missed. But dont worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure!

Okay, Let’s Talk. (And other ramblings about the past however many weeks of B&B.)

(I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammatical errors. I got consumed by rage and cannot be held accountable for my mistakes.)

Where do I even start anymore? Oh right.

The ridiculously overdone Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle:
Things are looking good right now for Steffy, but considering the writers never let the Forresters be happy for a considerable amount of time, my prediction is that Steffy will end up losing the baby after she gets married to Liam. Bonus points if one of the Logans caused the miscarriage. Why can’t Hope go back to Oliver and Steffy go back to Bill? Oh right, because I don’t write this show.

Moving on.

Eric and Taylor’s Relationship:
At first, I wasn’t too fond of Eric and Taylor - especially since their feelings for each other seemed to appear out of nowhere - but I have to admit that they’re growing on me. If we’re being honest, my change in heart mostly has to do with the fact that Taylor has taken it upon herself to put Brooke in her place, now that she sort of has authority to do so. If there’s one thing that I particularly like about this, it’s that Taylor is saying all the things I’d say to Brooke if I was a character on that show. All in all, Taylor and I are practically the same person.

The relaunch of “Brooke’s Bedroom”:
According to Mr. Bill Spencer, “Brooke’s Bedroom” was the most profitable line in Forrester Creations’ history. I’ll take his word on it, because I haven’t been watching long enough to know these things. Personally, I actually think it’s a good idea. I don’t think Bill and Brooke working on this line together is a good idea, but the relaunch seems like a practical way to get Forrester’s sales numbers back up. This is also where me and Taylor (and a few other characters on the show) seem to disagree. Sure, Brooke is kind of….promiscuous, but I see nothing wrong with having a lingerie line aimed at women who aren’t in their 20s. I honestly don’t see what’s so scandalous about it!

Brooke and Bill:
This whole thing is just ridiculous. I can’t stand it anymore. I HATE THIS STORYLINE SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!! *flails arms around and smashes face into keyboard repeatedly*

I can’t even form coherent sentences about this let’s just go to the next topic ok

Bill Spencer is apparently now an alcoholic:
Before this storyline magically appeared out of nowhere (magic and/or random storylines seem to be a trend on this show in case you were curious), Bill could drink for hours straight and never get drunk. Have we ever seen a drunk Bill Spencer aside from Friday’s episode? I think not. And then Bill decides to gET IN HIS CAR AND DRIVE DRUNK AFTER ALISON HAD ALREADY CALLED HIS DRIVER NO I DON’T GET IT WHY DOESN’T THIS SHOW MAKE SENSE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Personally I’m crossing my fingers that Bill hits Brooke and she dies oops did I say that out loud?

Rick and Maya:
I actually like Rick right now! Yes! I can’t believe it!
Personally, I really like Rick and Maya together. I like how she likes him for who he really is, not because he’s a Forrester. Maya is also really down-to-earth (for now) and they seem to be a really good match. I’m hoping they end up together (AND STAY TOGETHER!)

How Maya pronounces “Forrester” as “FArrester”:

And last, but certainly not least - Miss Caroline Spencer:
I :) want :) to :) punch :) Caroline :) in :) the :) face :)











Stupidest Moment: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never should have blogged about Caroline last excuse me while I drown my sorrows in a bag of Doritos OH WAIT I CAN’T BECAUSE I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT AND I CAN’T OPEN MY MOUTH

"If you want the real thing, you know what to do."

—Steffy Forrester’s voicemail

It’s Still Cheating Even If You’re Not Married, and other ramblings from the past two weeks of B&B.

I feel like I start off every blog entry with the following statement, but I just can’t help myself anymore:

I hate Hope.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss the various things that pissed me off occurred during the last two weeks of Bold.

  1. Thomas loses the Fashion Challenge. Sure, Rick has more “experience”, but he’s practically a Logan, so that pisses me off by default.  Also, how is Thomas ever going to get said experience if he’s never given the opportunity?
  2. Hope goes into Liam and Steffy’s home, and (wait for it….) decides that NOPE, she’s going to move in, and THROW OUT all of Steffy’s clothes?? WHAT?? Does this make sense?? I was ready to throw something at the TV during this. I’m still curious as to how people like Hope. I’d really love for someone to explain it to me.
  3. Steffy finds out she’s pregnant! 
  4. So obviously, Steffy goes to tell Liam the news. Instead of celebrating this with Liam, what does she find? Oh, you know, Hope and Liam making out furiously on the bed (but they didn’t make love so that justifies everything, apparently). Liam doesn’t deserve my girl Steffy. She needs someone who will treat her right (preferably Bill, but that’s just my opinion).
  5. When Liam finds out the truth about Italy and confronts his father, Dollar Bill decides he’s gonna stab himself with Liam’s sword necklace to prove a point (?), but since Bill is a little shit, he actually just stabbed himself in the money pouch he was wearing underneath his jacket. Good job there Bill, that made me laugh if nothing else.
  6. Hope, being the freakshow that she is, tells Liam that since Steffy and him aren’t married or engaged, there’s absolutely no reason that she and him can’t spend the time that Steffy’s away together. UM, excuse you Hope, but just because someone isn’t married or engaged, it doesn’t mean it’s not cheating! They are living together! They’re practically married! And even if they weren’t, they’re still in a relationship, and that’s still cheating! YOU ARE JUSTIFYING CHEATING LIKE THAT??? I can’t talk about this anymore; I just get way too upset. I thought Hope had “morals” but I guess not.
  7. And then, Steffy decides it would be a fantastic idea for Liam to do just that - to “get it out of his system” with Hope while she’s away. Good job Steffy, you just potentially ruined everything for yourself. Congratulations. Here, have a Hero Biscuit. Don’t come crying to me when Liam breaks up with you, because you should have seen that coming.
  8. Brooke decides that Katie and Bill’s sex life is lacking so she practically forces them to have a “romantic night” in the cabin. We’ll just let that statement sink in so you can all think about how creepy that is. Why are you so invested in their sex life? It’s not YOUR sex life, so leave it be!

I haven’t watched this week yet, but I sincerely hope it’s an improvement over the last two weeks.

Best Moment: probably when Steffy found out she was pregnant. She was so excited, and I think she’s going to be a great mom! (Provided the writers actually let her carry the baby to term)

This is what happened during my spare period at school today. I need to stop, and re-evaluate what I’m doing with my life.

Caroline Can Go Take A Hike and Brooke Better Not Be CEO, and other ramblings from the past two weeks of B&B.

I really, really, REALLY hate Caroline right now.

Who gave little-miss-perfect the right to ruin Steffy and Liam’s happiness?! Oh, right…NO ONE.  Does she even have any friends besides Hope (who hardly counts as a friend; all she does is moan about how she will always love Liam)? NOPE! Would you like to know why? It’s cause she’s annoying!

The writers really need to give her a scandal to make her understand the importance of lying on a soap opera. Then we’ll see how honest Miss Perfect is.

Anyway, nothing of any value really happened in the past two weeks, which is why I held off on a blog entry (because I’ve actually been caught up this entire time). The only thing worth talking about is the video Stephanie made right before she died, where she will announce the permanent CEO of Forrester Creations.

Obviously we have to wait until Monday to find out.

I have only one thing to say about this: IT BETTER NOT BE FREAKING BROOKE LOGAN-FORRESTER-SPENCER-MARONE. I don’t even care if she chooses Rick (who I also hate with a passion). All that matters to me is that the CEO is NOT Brooke. 

Personally, I’m crossing my fingers that Steffy will get the job, because she’s amazing and great and will make a better CEO than Brooke ever could! (Plus, they’ve been doing that horrible foreshadowing thing this week when everyone keeps asking Steffy if she’s jealous of Thomas’ position.)

I’ll keep you posted as to what happens.

In other news, I had an amazing idea for what should happen next on Bold. It’s so practical and realistic; I can’t even fathom why it wouldn’t happen. 

Sounds pretty realistic to me!

Stupidest Moment: 99.95% of this week.

Postpartum Psychosis is Apparently Contagious, and other ramblings from the past two (?) weeks of B&B.

After at least a month of Katie crying every time she’s on screen and saying that she doesn’t have postpartum depression/psychosis (She’s DYING!!! She’s A HEART TRANSPLANT PATIENT!! She has like TWO SECONDS LEFT TO LIVE!!), Bold finally wrapped that storyline up on Friday.  Thank goodness.

But during this torturous time of watching Katie hallucinate stuff that isn’t there, I noticed that in every other show I watch religiously, at least one character has postpartum psychosis too:

In conclusion, The Bold and the Beautiful has taught me that postpartum psychosis is contagious, and when not treated, it can spread to other shows and infect those characters too.

Moving on.

Let’s talk about Stephanie instead. I was trying so hard not to cry, but when Steffy gave her a hug at the end of her party, my eyes just started sweating a lot (I WAS NOT CRYING. THOSE WERE NOT TEARS). It was pretty strange too because then they just wouldn’t stop sweating. 

This blog post is just so awkward right now okay moving on

The end of last week was very sad as well, because we know Stephanie’s last day is Monday. She deteriorated a little too fast for my liking - probably because I’m still in denial that she’s leaving in the first place - but the writers actually did a pretty decent job with everything (or Susan’s acting talent made the script seem good for once).

Stupidest Moment: Rick tells Caroline he loves her after they’ve been dating for approximately a minute. She says she loves him too. THEY’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR LIKE TWO DAYS STOP IT.

The Bold and the Beautiful Drinking Game! (And other ramblings from the last two weeks of B&B.)

This is really ironic since I’m 17 and DON’T DRINK, but while watching the past two snooze worthy weeks of Bold, I came up with a B&B drinking game that I actually ended up playing (WITH WATER in case you were concerned).


  1. EVERY TIME KATIE CRIES…DRINK! (This is the main one; I went through an entire bottle of water in just one episode on this rule alone, and then I made up the rest of the rules. You’d be so hammered if you actually used alcohol for this.)
  2. Every time Hope cries…DRINK!
  3. Every time Hope moans about missing Liam or something to that effect…DRINK!
  4. Every time Liam flip-flops between Hope and Steffy…DRINK!
  5. Every time Rick acts like a douche…DRINK!
  6. Every time Caroline flip-flops between Rick and Thomas…DRINK!
  7. Every time Thomas uses his interim CEO position to act like a douche…DRINK!
  8. Every time Brooke moans about missing Ridge…DRINK!

There’s probably a bunch more, but this is what I came up with from watching the last two weeks.

Best Moments (Stupidest Moments is redundant at this point, plus I feel bad for making a drinking game out of Katie’s depression):
This isn’t really “best” because it’s super depressing, but I loved seeing Stephanie inviting everyone to her going away party. I loved seeing all the montages and flashbacks, because I hadn’t seen 99% of those scenes before.
I also really look forward to seeing Thomas’ changes implemented to Forrester Creations - I loved what he was saying at the meeting he called.

Introducing Hope Logan: The Bold and The Beautiful’s First Cat Lady! (And other ramblings from last week’s episodes of B&B.)

It’s decided. Hope isn’t going to pine over Liam anymore. She’s also not going to go after Thomas, Oliver or any other guy. Hope is going to become Bold’s first cat lady. I can’t see anything wrong with that idea. In fact, there’s so many storylines that the writers could do with this:

  1. Hope loses one of her cats and cries for days while having a search and rescue team out on the streets of L.A. looking for it
  2. Hope can’t decide which new cat to buy - the black cat, or the tabby. On one hand, the black cat has the best temperament, but she doesn’t want to risk bad luck. (She ends up getting both.)
  3. Hope decides to start a new line: Cats for the Future, just in time for election 2012 (look at me all up in American politics; I’m so well-informed.)

    And so on.

Anyway, I guess we should discuss what happened this week. Steffy and Liam spend some time together and end up having sex in a secluded cabin in Brooke’s backyard (I’m summarizing here). Donna ends up finding this cabin, and, being the dumb blonde that she is, just presses her face in the windows and watches them have sex, looking completely and utterly confused the entire time.

Remember, she was going to tell Liam all about Bill’s scheme with Deacon in Italy, but after witnessing Liam and Steffy together, she’s all conflicted and confused and omg what should I do??? that she just goes back to Taylor’s Bill and Katie’s and tells them what she saw. And while she’s there, they decide that Brooke doesn’t need to know about what Bill did in Italy, although Katie and Donna hate keeping things from Brooke. (This is just the writers’ terrible way of foreshadowing that Brooke will find out either this week or next week.)

During Friday’s episode, we get not one, but TWO cliffhangers! (*cue the gasps of amazement*) The first one is that Brooke lets on that something happened between her and Ridge on their honeymoon, which is why he didn’t come back to L.A. with her. The second one is that after Thomas is named interim CEO of Forrester Creations (and not Rick, who’s completely pissed about it. I just laughed because I hate Rick), gets into a fight with Rick about being the CEO and about Caroline. Thomas ends up pushing Rick and he goes completely through the glass, falls into a bush and doesn’t appear to be moving. Spoiler alert: he’s fine.

Stupidest Moment: Forrester Creations has always been (in my mind) one level, two TOPS, judging from the shots of the outside of the building. Thomas pushing Rick out the window can hardly be a serious injury. He shouldn’t be just lying in the bush. He fell two feet, max!

Bold Gives Me Absolutely Nothing To Work With, and other ramblings from this week’s episodes of B&B.

Stupidest Moments
Okay, we’re just going to talk about all the dumb things that happened this week, because let’s be honest, that’s way more fun!

  1. Katie has a baby, and after she delivers she almost has a heart attack and dies.
    a) She gets sent home the next day.  Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?
    b) On this next day, Hope and Liam are still talking at the hospital! Did they talk overnight? What happened there?
  2. Bill buys Taylor’s house, and Taylor goes to live at Bill and Katie’s beach house. I honestly have no idea why Bill would want to do that. It doesn’t even make sense! Why would he buy Taylor’s house (of all people!) instead of buying a new one? Is it only temporary? WHY DOESN’T THIS MAKE SENSE?!
  3. Donna. Just…Donna. I don’t think I’ve ever brought this up before, but Donna is my least favourite Logan, mostly because the actress who plays her can’t act worth beans. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when Donna was crying because it was just so funny! Oops?
  4. Steffy’s favourite place is some sort of forest/bush thing. I guess this isn’t really a stupid moment, but I just found it kind of odd.  Steffy has never seemed to care much for the great outdoors until this week. (Forest = plot device?) I don’t know about you, but there’s a bush in my backyard, and it certainly isn’t one of my favourite places. If I lived in L.A., downtown would be my favourite place. I guess that’s just me. That, and the fact that my favourite places aren’t plot devices.
  5. WHERE IS STEPHANIE? I know you’re leaving, but not until December! Next week I better see Usan or I’ll drag her into the scenes myself.

Just want to also let you guys know that I probably will only post once a week, rather than every time I watch an episode.  I’m really busy with school, scholarship applications, dance and work that I unfortunately don’t have time to write a blog every day :( Once I’m finished with this massive application I might get back to posting more often, but I’ll have to see how everything goes.

What A Week On Bold, and other ramblings from last week’s episodes of B&B.

I’m actually one of the worst procrastinators ever, because I’ve had this saved for days and I’m just getting around to posting it now. Oops? 

Let’s just first talk about Deacon Sharpe, because we all know that was the highlight of last week.

So Hope gets these flowers with a card that says “I love you”. I guess the audience is supposed to think it’s from Liam for about 2.5 seconds, but since I already knew Deacon was coming back, there wasn’t much suspense there. Anyway, Deacon walks in the door, and Hope, being the (I can’t quite think of the right adjective to describe her, but I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of “dumb” or “stupid”) person that she is just, you know, forgives Deacon right away, no questions asked. May I reiterate that Hope has talked to the guy for probably 20-30 minutes of her entire life? Just needed to make sure we all knew that.

The best part of the week was when Deacon went to Spencer Publications to have a nice little talk with Bill. And by “nice” and “little”, I mean that he basically ruined Bill’s life for the moment because we all know Katie’s going to forgive him eventually. When Katie walks in and asks Deacon if he had anything to do with Hope’s wedding in Italy, he tells her the truth, but not without sneaking in some sarcasm and wit first!

After Deacon leaves, Katie gets all angry (and rightfully so - you guys know how much I love Bill, but Katie brought up some valid points about why bringing Deacon into this could ruin all of their lives) and this sets her off into some sort of contractions/premature pregnancy (?) and Bill rushes her to the hospital.  It sure doesn’t look good for Katie at the end of the week, but I’m confident that they’re not killing her off so I’m not getting too worried.

Also no big deal, but Liam and Steffy are back together. Taylor talks to Liam at work and says a whole lot of psychiatrist-y things and Liam realizes that Steffy is the one for him (for now, at least). So off he goes to find Steffy, and they all live happily ever after, until the next time he’s in close proximity to Hope - so basically this week. 

Best Moment: Deacon giving Bill a taste of his own medicine, meaning an abundance of hilarious, sarcastic comments. 

Here Comes The Bride (for the millionth time, but who’s even counting at this point?) and other ramblings from the past three days of B&B.

That probably just won the award for Longest Title Ever, but I couldn’t take out the “and other ramblings” part because that is a signature element of my blogs and yeah that’s about the only reason I have.

Anywho, today (and tomorrow, and probably Friday) Brooke gets married. I’ve honestly decided it’s hopeless to try and count all of her weddings, so we’re just going to assume it’s her millionth. What a milestone.

First can we please talk about her dress? It’s supposed to be a Forrester original and it’s actually the most disgusting piece of fabric I’ve ever seen. But judging from the montage of her previous weddings, it doesn’t look like she’s ever had nice dresses to begin with.

I can’t really say much else about the wedding because they cut it off mid-ceremony, so let’s talk about Bill instead!

Bill has this great idea to try and force(?) Liam into being a Spencer. He plans dinner for himself, Katie, Steffy and Liam at Liam’s house, where he makes him eat his stake rare, drink red wine and smoke cigars. Apparently steak + wine + cigars = a Spencer, but I’ll let you guys know how that works out (so far, not so good).

Hope..where do I even start with her? She’s shed enough tears in the past week or so to flood a small village. Okay, your heart is broken. Can you stop crying now? 

Stupidest Moment: When Caroline was talking to Hope about Thomas. Seriously Caroline? Seriously? 

We’re Team Steffy Now, and other ramblings from the past week of B&B.

I drew myself a little diagram trying to understand Bold’s love triangles hexagons, and this is what I came up with:

Why do Forrester/Spencer/Logan love triangles have to be so complicated?!

On Friday, Liam finally learns that the reason Hope walked out/broke up with him was because he cheated on her. Liam thinks that’s completely ridiculous, because he didn’t, but Hope doesn’t believe him. 

And that’s about the only exciting thing that happened this week. I’m getting so bored with the love hexagon guys. Do you think it would be acceptable if I were to fly down to wherever they write Bold and demand that they hire me even though a) I’m only 17 and b) I have no professional writing experience? 

Best Moment: Bill saying to Katie “We’re Team Steffy now.”

Stupidest Moment: 99.95% of this week. Next week better be an improvement..